There’s Never Been A More Important Time To Know If You Are A Leader!

When you look at yourself in the mirror do you see a leader?

A leader is not someone that is has a large organization and is sitting on the sideline reaping the benefits from it.

That kind of leader will dwindle away?

The kind of leader that I am talking about is in the trenches with their downline every day. They would never ask anything from their group that they wouldn't go and do themselves.

You might say that is great I can do that it is all a mindset.


Leadership is difficult and it takes a lot of work.

This means answering questions daily to any downline or prospects through email or phone.

In order to do this, a leader needs to know what is going on. They need to understand how the company they are working with works. How the compensation plan works, how the company does business in general.
Your group depends on you to give them these answers when they need them.

This means calling your go-getters to make sure that they don't need anything. This is important because I have found that someone may be having problems and are too scared to call me to ask for help. I don't mind calling them just to make sure.

Leadership means you no longer work for yourself at your business you work for your group or downline.

You are at their beckon call all the time and that is what makes you a leader.

You may say that you are not ready to be a leader. That is perfectly fine and let me share a small secret with you. If you plan on being a leader in the future you must first learn to follow.

The greatest leaders were at first the greatest followers.

So if you are ready to rise to the top and strive to be a leader pick someone that is successful and you trust and admire and start following. You will be there before you know it.

It almost sounds like being a leader may not be all it is cracked up to be, but let me tell you that the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices that you will have to make for your group.

This is just another way to make sure that once you find that perfect marketing plan that is bringing you great results you can hold on to those results and build an unstoppable downline.

Why will it be unstoppable?

Because without you even knowing it you are building leaders in your group just because of your actions. They may be following you nowFree Web Content, but they will break away one of these days to be the leader of their
own group and you can look back and realize that it is from them following you that they were able to lead the way they are today.

Aim For Work-Class and Be Legendary,

Your Coach - Christian

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