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Michael Manista

Christian is a true professional in every sense of the word. We have worked with him on a number of projects and he is very clear with his direction, needs and wants. So it is easy to do our work since he knows what he is looking for. We enjoy having a great relationship with him.


From my personal point of view, Christian Fischer is in the top percentile of his profession. Not only is he skilled in the art of culinary, Christian lives his personal and business life grounded on a set of principles – principles that are rarely found in today’s world. For him, it’s just as important to do things right as it is to do the right thing. Of course, this philosophy impacts the quality of his leadership and allows others the freedom to be the best at what they do as well. If I had a business or organization that required top-notch culinary talent, Christian Fischer would be someone I would want to speak with first.

Bart Goldberg

Tom Faley

Christian Fischer and I worked together on customer projects in the past for Nestle USA. He is focused and detailed in his work. Christian Fischer takes the time to listen to what the customers needs are and then finds a solution and or submit professional and quality work. I truly regard him as being a top professional with a gift of making people smile and enjoy his company..

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