Christian J. Fischer is also a published author of a number of books, many of which have become popular around the world. The books are available in hardcover, ebook, and kindle formats.

For The Love Of Austria

"For The Love Of Austria" is inspired by my favorite Austrian recipes growing up. Through the use of bold seasonings and unexpected flavor combinations, one can elevate classic dishes to a bright modern version that allows them to truly shine. The sharing of great food and it's history has always been part of my culinary story. Let’s transform eating from just another meal, into an authentic immersive experience.

"For The Love Of Austria" includes  40 simple, delicious and nourishing recipes - plus some tips and tricks. To find out more about what I am up too; follow me on Social Media.


"For The Love Of Austria" is available at on AUGUST 10, 2017 for free. You will only pay shipping and handling.