10 Principles of Leadership The U.S. Army Way!

Contrary to the opinion of many, leadership skills can be taught, and many effective leaders have learned the various strategies needed to accomplish leadership. It is not something that you necessarily have to be born with, although of course life may be somewhat easier for those people if choosing leadership roles. So an advertised leadership seminar will not be there simply to hone the skills of natural leaders, it may be there to teach leadership skills to those without that natural advantage.

Employee Satisfaction

Trust in our leaders is a very important indicator of unlikely employee satisfaction in an organization. But how can this be taught through the simple forum of a leadership seminar? As it turns out, quite straightforwardly. The needed trust and confidence are a result of effective communication in three essential areas: identifying the employee's place in the company, communicating the business plan, and communicating and setting the organizations business goals and how the individual may contribute to them.

Principles of Leadership

The U.S. Army has identified ten principles of leadership. They are very straightforward

1.    Knowing your job. You need to know what needs to be done and how to do it along with those jobs undertaken by comrades. Many times we may see in the workplace jobs delegated to junior staff in the leader’s sincere belief that they are quick to perform; this may not be the case at all in practice.

2.    Seek out responsibility and take responsibility when matters go awry. We can see this happening in the workplace all around us all the time.

3.    Make decisions in a solid and timely fashion. An effective leadership seminar will deal with problem-solving and how to make and take decisions.

4.    Example setting. An obvious one perhaps, but we all need an example to follow; perhaps hard work is a good example of this.

5.    It is important that our leaders also look out for us - for some this may come naturally, but a leadership seminar will cover this too.

6.    This deals with communication again, with an effective leader ensuring that all around him are aware of relevant situations.

7.    The important task of encouraging beneficial character traits in co-workers.

8.    Communication; again employees must know what is expected of them in going about their tasks and what are the signs that they have been completed successfully?

9.    Teams must be trained together; they are not just a collection of individuals.

10.    Lastly, the full potential of the organization must be utilized.

Aim For Work-Class and Be Legendary,

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